jumping salmon

Today we went to Stoke Gabriel and walked along the river bank to Duncannon
When I've raised the money to process my film, I'll post some of my pictures on here but for now have one by Jamz.



I have been struggling to find a way of exhibiting this work in an appropriate format due to the fact that there is no space in university to actually put the work up! I don't think that a mock sort of exhibition model will really do the work justice, and given that I've begun collecting objects as another way of denoting place, it would be a real shame to not include these in the final outcome...  


four miles round

from Totnes to Hole in the Wall, nr Ashprington.


a catalogue of sorts...

I will wear these petticoats on every journey I make along the river. 
The dirt, rips and marks will be a record of my physical experience of the landscape
and exhibited as part of final work
and it also makes me feel a little more like an explorer