emily's dolls

The other day, when it was sunny, I spent a lovely day back up at Windmill Down taking photos of the incredible dolls which emily lovingly makes.

I think this one was my favourite!

Emily and Libby have been doing some really inspiring workshops and show which will be featured soon on their lovely new website!
Have a looksee



 so this is the dress I was thinking of wearing to baby Rose's christening...
sorry for the shoddy image,
I need an SLR!!
it sits just below the knee, and I think they might go well with my (now off-) white wedges :-)
need to get some sort of cardi though...
What do you think??

Just to give you an idea of my head space, this is what my 'work space' looks like.
I also keep deferring from writing my dissertation- I'm too excited about the summer!
on the plus side, my wardrobe is now in colour order.


lovely devon

as it's raining i thought i'd upload some nice photos from our picnic by the dart, from the other day.