a bit of an update

Firstly, we've all been enjoying the lack of rain and getting in the garden. 
Digging and building, gathering rocks...

and some have been climbing trees!

We've finished two beds, removing turf and pulling out tons of slate which we've used to build some walls. 
I'm so pleased we've made a start on the garden, well only the front for now as there are lots of foxgloves in the back and we're waiting to see what other treats might spring up back there.
We've now started on the third semi-circular bed and planned where we will put four square beds for veggies. 
I cannot wait for springtime!

I have also been making use of a lovely christmas present from my lovely friend Ashley.
It such a pretty mug hug, beautiful cable... and it works too.

After a spell of productivity outdoors we got hit with a very chilly frost!
I mean Brrrrrrrrrrr!
Though it did make for a pretty picture

I have also made another batch of chilli jam, this time with less vinegar and more chilli, and its really much nicer that the first lot I made! 
And just in time to give as a gift for some friends who have just moved to a lovely farmhouse down the road.

I have ALSO been assisting a man named Pete, a film maker and creator of Culture Colony.
We travelled to North Wales to document the opening of an exhibition of work by Wanda Zyborska and Glyn Davies.

I really loved being back in a gallery space, and listening to everyone's opinions and thoughs about the piece.

Jamz and I went to the Old Tannery in town, which is a space owned by the Museum of Modern Art in Wales, a beautiful building which is being transformed in to an art space. At the moment it is being used by artists with culture colony to exhibit work to the public.
We will be having our own exhibition here later in the year!!

 Lots of hugely exciting things to be getting on with. 
And I'm also looking forward to heading back to Dorset for a few days and seeing people I have been missing rather alot.



Bring in the New

We had a lovely Christmas, eating lots and enjoying the fire and some wonderful gifts 

(I've been LOVING the wool from my best friend Ashley, I've begun knitting squares for a blanket!)
and James and I went out to a party for New Years, 
which was so much fun, 
nice to remember that we can go out and have fun still! 
Hope everyone had a special festive season!

Recently, we've been savoring the infrequent breaks in the rain.
It seems to be a rare thing to see the sky at the moment! 

 We spent a little while at Clarach bay...
Enjoying the sky but not so much the freezing wind!

And seemingly blending into the surroundings!

Jamz mum has been in Cuba over the festive period, 
so we've had a few extra weeks to get her present sorted.
I decided to bite the bullet and actually use the leather which I got when I was living in Totnes and have looked at and put away so many times before.
Its so so nice, I just didn't want to destroy it!!

I made a couple of smallish bags, one of which will be a gift.

I love the bright colours
especially all together, and though I wasn't entirely sure about the pink to begin with, 
but I like it a little more now...
I ended up with a pretty bruised hand at the end of it, 
as once I start something and see it come together, I get a bit full on in order to have the final thing. 
I will try and slow it down a bit, less mistakes and all that...!

Today, after drawing up plans and deciding to gather rocks, 
we started our first bed in the garden!
The only plant in the front barely living is a sage which was left by the previous tennants, 
so we decided to give it a proper bed and start sorting things out so we can try and get stuff in to grow this year.

 We've got lots of ideas and its really exciting to get this going! 

This evening I'm making more Chilli Jam... Already!