so this is the dress I was thinking of wearing to baby Rose's christening...
sorry for the shoddy image,
I need an SLR!!
it sits just below the knee, and I think they might go well with my (now off-) white wedges :-)
need to get some sort of cardi though...
What do you think??

Just to give you an idea of my head space, this is what my 'work space' looks like.
I also keep deferring from writing my dissertation- I'm too excited about the summer!
on the plus side, my wardrobe is now in colour order.


  1. I LOVE the dress..!! Gorgeous! You most definitely won't look too twee!! haha... you'll look beautiful xxxxxxxx What are the wedges like?

  2. Ahhh, good good!!
    The wedges are the ones from office, I've had them for a while- do you not remember them??
    They may be a little high, so perhaps I'll get some others!
    Looking forward to seeing you!xxxxxxxxxxxx