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So, when I was younger I sang...ALOT.
Talent competitions//Choir//Lessons//StageCoach//Musicals//AmDram//Mirror//Karaoke
You name it!!
(though, I'm not saying I was ever any good...!! )
In my youth I was lucky enough to be part of a big choir and performed (Karl Jenkins-Adeamus) in Bournemouth International Centre and The Royal Albert Hall...AMAZING.
I wish I could do it all again now I've a little more of a grown up head.
The last play I did was The Boyfriend in Bridport with BMTC, I had the lead role of Polly, which was so much fun, I loved learning to tap dance (in between cussing at my feet!)

Anyhow, I stopped singing so much when I went to uni to study photography...the world of performing arts just seems way too competitive and bitchy.

When I moved to Totnes, my friend and housemate started singing together, which was so lovely. 
I miss it so much. 
You can listen to her loveliness here

Since moving to Wales, I've begun making some new noises with Jamz' brother-in-law, Quinn and a lovely man named Tom. We have had one 'session' so far, we recorded some bits and bobs as we went, so we can see how far we've come in a few months time!

I have uploaded one song, mostly for my mum's benefit, but I thought I'd share it here anyhow...


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