Here I Go Again!

Okay, so A LOT of time has passed since I last posted, and there is a huge amount to fill you in on. I sort of have new designs for the purpose of this blog, though I'm not entirely sure on how this will materialise.

Anyways, since my last post, I have had my work up at Plymouth University in our final Degree Show.

I was really pleased with the space I was allocated, as my work doesn't entirely conform to the notion of 'straight photography' (I think my work would have been graded more easily had I done a Fine Art course) and I encorporated found objects and some new different work,

inspired by Slovak mythologies denoting the Dusk and the Dawn and also the incredible work of Kate MccGwire.

I think people liked my work, I don't think I heard anything bad said about it, and all of my business cards had been taken, which I am sure is a good thing. 

Anyhow, having finished all of my uni work, I began the summer work at the festivals, several months of being on the road, though this year we had a caravan (well, 2 in the end) which for a time made it more bareable. It amazing work, really humbling to be part of such a machine, though it is also very easy to be over looked or perceived as a jobsworth, its still pretty cool. 

I will save that post for another time.
More tea needed.

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