Ty Newydd

Just over a month ago, I moved with my boyfriend, from Plymouth (where I was studying) to a place on the west coast of Wales. 
A big move, considering that aside from uni, I have lived in the same village my entire life! 
I was a bit worried at first, moving somewhere totally separate from anything (or anyone) I have known, but its getting better now I have begun to meet people properly, and as I make new friends of my own I'm sure it'll get easier. 
  (imagine it without the bin!)

Though I must admit, I am still finding our new house totally novel, and aside from looking at buying things for the house, food and going to the library, I never want to leave it!
Its a beautiful 16th century cottage, about 300m above sea level looking out toward Cadair Idris.
(I know its really really cheesy but...)Everyday I wake up feeling so so lucky.
I think our lovely kitten Myrtle agrees.

The house is coming together SLOWLY which is a bit frustrating, though we have all of our STUFF we have nothing to actually put it on or in. But its all coming, in time. I just find myself a bit impatient with things in boxes all over the place.
Though on a good note, we did pick up a nice set of drawers from the tip for £3!
And some wicker baskets which will also come in handy.

We still have lots of exploring to do yet! And I will update you on here (particularly for you Ash!)
And I look forward to it.

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  1. Yes please! I'd love for you to keep me updated on here. :-)
    Your home and the area it's in look so idyllic, I can't wait until we can come visit..!
    Do you have any more furniture yet? I can see how that would be really frustrating having all of your things packed away in boxes
    Myrtle is gorgeous! I'm so jealous. I'd love to have a pet one day but Ray really isn't keen... I'll have to keep working on him!!

    Love Ash xxxxxx