We have had some friends up over the last few days, which has been so lovely.
It's so nice to see people who I can just chat to (or even to sit with in silence), with no self consciousness or fear of making an arse of myself.
We mostly spent a lot of time eating amazing food and drinking lots of red wine.
None of which I have photos of because we ate it before documentation crossed my mind!

We didn't spend the whole time eating though, we went for a walk through the forestry on a quest for this waterfall which Jamz and I had spotted from the top of the hill. 

It was in a bit of the forest where they had recently cut down a load of trees, so it was a bit strange, sort of like a grave yard, with remnants of tree looking like bone scattered across the ground.

We did find the waterfall, though not a path to take us right to it. Next time I think we'll go along the top path over the hill... or maybe check out the other waterfall which we spied which might be more accessible.

Having A&N over has also inspired me to make more things!! 
It has been a while as all of my stuff has (and some still is) in boxes.
Though I am determined to get on it, organise my space/life/shelves and get some stuff on etsy.

Hope you've had a nice week so far?

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  1. I'm sorry I've been so rubbish and slow at commenting on your blog, that will have to change!!
    So glad you had a nice time with your friends to stay. I'm a bit jealous that they get to visit you and I won't see you until next year maybe... I Have to see you before then somehow..! I have a pretty free day tomorrow so I think I might get my act together and write you a letter.
    What kind of things will you make to go on Etsy? I've been thinking more and more about getting a shop up and running on there... It would be nice to have a little pocket money. What would I sell though!?

    Love Ash xxxxxxx