I have just made some yummy hedgerow jelly, which is currently setting...though I am really quite axious about it as I think I may have gone to far at the boiling stage!

I always make 2 jars so we can sample it and make sure that the product is fit for being recieved as a gift,
(what with Christmas just round the corner!)
I have my fingers crossed for the time being
  to take my mind off of my setting jelly, I thought I'd share some recent goings-on.

The winds are picking up and all the leaves are lush shades of yellows, golds, oranges purples its so pretty, though as they are blown off the trees, the leaves seem to gather in lots of untidy piles
around the front of the house. I gathered up 3 half bin bags full and covered them with water so that next spring I can use them as compost.
This was the advice of my mum who stayed with us recently.

The farmer has placed a really lovely old trailer outside of the gate.
I love how it looks here!
It seems to fit the colour an the landscape here so perfectly.
When Jamz and I had our first house together, I requested one of these... and now after almost 2 years!!
I have one!

I am not sure of the real name for it, but it will be hung over the beams in the kitchen,
with a cord and pulley sytem and on it will hang our washing over the rayburn!
I'm so so pleased, and he made it with some fairly inadequate tools, so it shows some real skill.
Now we just need to borrow a ladder to get it up!

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