learning to knit

Yes, I've picked up my needles for the umpteenth time!
BUT this time I'm gonna learn it, make something and remember!!
I have tried and failed so many times, but this time I'm determined.

Jamz' mum came over with a HUGE ball of hand spun yarn, which I cannot just look at, so I am attempting to make myself a scarf...

(and yeah, it did take me a while to find the end!!)

So far, after several tutorial videos, lots of tea and a few times of un-ravelling, I have managed to cast on, and knit my first two rows!!

Though I am sure I've already made tons of mistakes, I'm not too worried.
I'm just going to keep knitting it, and if it has a few holes and quirks to it thats fine by me!
(I am open to some tips though, if you can see where I'm going wrong!)

So I've found this knitting lark is quite fun!
 Its nice to see something grow in front of you from just a ball of yarn and a couple of sticks.
I still have a lot more rows to go...so I'm off to put the kettle on,
a nice cuppa and a few more rows...."just the job!" 

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