A New Obsession...

In my search (which I will admit is becoming slightly desperate... ) for a welsh dresser for our kitchen, I came across two beautiful pink, blue and cream welsh tapestry blankets! I have recently become rather obsessed with them since my friend asked me to keep an eye out for her... 
So now, I really love them!!
(I didn't manage to get a photo, as the lady was a bit scary...and I felt a bit cheeky)
The two which I found were both singles, and though a bargain at £30 each, they were the wrong 
colours for her...and for me, well, I don't have a spare £30 at the moment for a blanket.
Though I will admit, I did contemplate things I could do to quickly gain that...but I'm not prepared to sell my old books just yet!

As the weather was so nice (on )we went to Aberystwyth to have a look in the antique shops there...
And this time we found a real BEAUTY!

A lovely huge blanket, in amazing colours...and also amongst some other gorgeous blankets and quilts.
This one was £100 and honestly, if I were the kind of girl who had that sort of money, I would have bought it in a flash.

ahhhhh well...

To distract myself from all the pretties in town, we went to Borth, to see Jamz' family.
 I always like going there as there is always something inspiring going on!

We also ventured into the top room of one of the pubs, where they have a brilliant collection of vintage treasures!


I will definitely be going back here!


My knitting is coming along amazingly, it is so much fun!!
And even though it still takes some concentrating, you still get instant gratification watching it grow!

I have now decided to make a blanket, I'm going to knit some ginormous scarves and sew them together...sounds easy right??!!
I was totally inspired by this post, on a really lovely blog.

Though I'm still quite some way off finishing, I'm getting more and more confident by the day.

and I have found one of the best things to do after a busy day is to relax on the (nearly new-at last!) sofa, with the fire film and a pot of tea. 


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