...are you sure?!

Today we went into town to do recycling and other necessary things, 
like taking library books back 
(which I couldn't cause it was closed!) 
and food shopping 
(which took ages longer as we bumped into our landlady and had a really long chat)
...we also got some new wool and some PHAT knitting needles to keep me entertained whilst Jamz takes his computer back! 
(mine is broken, so I'm borrowing to blog)

On the way home we stopped to grab a branch of fallen wood so I managed to get a couple of pictures of the 'way to civilization'!

We have been intending to walk into town from our house (about 6/7 miles) before the snow comes so we know we can! But this still hasn't happened...too much other stuff to do it would seem!!

I also managed to get a picture of some lovely graffiti! (YES!! LOVELY!!)
A couple in the parish recently got married, we know this as on the way into town and the church, their families had sprayed messages on to the road.

This one means, "Are you sure"!!! The were others too...perhaps I'll get some snaps of those aswell.
I really love it, this sort of thing just wouldn't happen in a town or city. 

Today we also met one of the farm owners moving his sheep down the road, this chap is called William and he lives near the junction on the road home. 
It's still very weird meeting people in the parish, as they all seem to know where we live, and we know nothing about them!
"how are you finding the track in that car then?" he goes...!!

We said hello and mentioned how happy his sheep looked, and he told us that he'd found some of his sheep had gone a bit lame 
(their feet are susceptible to rot in muddy fields) 
he'd only properly noticed with them on the road and he said he'd 
"done two of them on the road, now"
We're not entirely sure what that meant, but there we no dead sheep up the road, so I'm sure they'll be fine!!

Still no snow here, but about 18 miles away on Cadair Idris there is a smattering of white...!!
The fire is roaring, we've a bottle of wine open and I'm currently making some decorations to hang on my twig tree (the real tree will come nearer to christmas)

These are made super simply by cutting out circles from some Ash bark which I've saved and dried and hanging them with some seasonal tread.

Lovely Lovely Lovely

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  1. The dried bark is such a clever idea! Farmer's comments made me giggle, very intrigued about what "done two of them on the road" means though!!