what a miserable day

I have refused to go outside today! 
I'm just not a going-outside-in-horrible-weather-and-taking-it-cause-I-can kind of person. 
Jamz on the other hand, got his waterproof coat on and his 'man' trousers and off he went sawing. YEAH. 
To be honest, I'm glad he is, cause otherwise there'd be no fire tonight!

Was there even a little bit of sunshine today? 
None that I saw. 

It is super windy up here on the hill, we've started to notice where the drafts come into the house. As its a fairly new re-build, the traditional lime and mortar has been settling in, and I think the previous tenants had the house a bit warmer than perhaps it might have liked.

The photo underneath was taken at about half past one this afternoon.
Bleak, huh.

 So, I've started knitting something new. I'm still doing my blanket and I've nearly finished my first panel, slowly slowly.But this new thing will probably be a Christmas present so I will try not to give away too much as I've not yet decided who it might be for. 
As there is little in the pot for Christmas gifts this year, so we're improvising with what we have... this has been knit with some green fabric I found at the bottom of my box. 
I've torn it into rags and used it with my chunky needles.
Its amazing, it feels really warm and heavy. Perhaps a nice way to make a blanket in the future...


Dah Dah Daaaaah!

Oh Yeah!
First SOLO drive
Sweet independance!
and only a pinch of fear

I did my first bit of driving on my own, which is a pretty big thing as I hadn't driven (until recently) since I passed my test, which was around 5 years ago. woah. Its really nice to know that I can just get in the car and go somewhere, anywhere! at my will. 

I would like to go back here, to Artists Valley, in Furnace. 
We went on my birthday, it was raining unfortunately, but still beautiful.
I can't wait to see it in springtime.

I think I'm going to relent and light the fire...I've put it off till now as I am conscious of using all the wood up before we might really need it!
But it is time. 
And I'm also making myself some new decorations, some nice hearts and this chunky ceramic necklace will become little baubles.

Merry Thursday!

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