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 As recently there has been less rain here on the mountain, we've been venturing outdoors a bit more.
Our car broke down the other week, so we've been blessed to have some sunshine on our trips into town, there and back a total of about 9 miles! 
It is certainly a good way to keep fit, but I really cannot wait to have a vehicle, 
mostly so we can get a bit more shopping when we go to the market!

Last Sunday, we made a trip in to go to the Seedy Sunday event, a brilliant seed swap, tool shop community thing. 
It was really lovely. 
But we pretty much spent most of the day walking, resulting in minimal time socialising and meeting people and very sore feet! 
But we did get tons of seeds for the garden, wild flowers, local varieties of veg and all of them 
types which do well in this area! 
So we are super excited to get out there and do some digging!

The two photos above are from our walk home, 
I particularly like this one of the view over the golf course up the valley toward home.

As I mentioned, we've been outside more this week, some of the daffs are coming up, soon to be in flower (hopefully for when Ashley and the family come to visit!),
there are so so many foxgloves in the back I cannot wait to see them! 
And I also found this, the only snowdrop in the whole garden. little droopy beauty

I enjoyed splashing up and down the stream the other day, I went on a plastic clearing mission and won! I got 3 bags and 2 tubs out of the stream and I also found some lovely glass jars. 
They really are my treasure, so I'll save another post for them!

This week has also been one full of cake, lovely lemony cake, which didn't turn out as good as it usually does this time. Bums. 
That'll show me for not sifting!! 
I'm off to finish the last of it!
Hope you've had as productive a week as I have.


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