A bit of a re-vamp!

 I've had a bit of a re-vamp of the old blog... keeping things fresh, you know! 

You'll also notice I've been bitten by the retro-phone-photograph thingys, I have previously been a bit snobby about them as film is really the only way to make real images like this...
though I suppose digital, on some occasions is good...


The lovely daffs are waving their sunny heads in the miserable weather we've had the last few days, injecting a bit of a spring in my step. 

I've had a bit of a spring clean in the kitchen,

moved our bedroom to the attic 

 (this is the view from our tiny window)

and my studio from the living room to our bedroom. 



 Moving rooms has meant that for a few days things have been EVERYWHERE! 
Today I feel like I'm almost there, nearly ready for springtime. 

 I really enjoyed spending time organising my selves, arranging things, getting disracted by something shiny... you know how it is...don't you?!

 My progress in the cleaning/laundry department has certainly been hindered broken up with finishing off some WIPs and making a start with some ideas for our forthcoming exhibition.

Here is a photo of the Kindle case I made from some knitting my Nan helped me to start probably years ago now! I finally got around to sewing up and adding buttons too.
 I love it so much, particularly the red deer antler buttons from my lovely friend Anna

I've also been on the hand singer given to us by James' gran

 I've been making some bags from recycled sack and vintage fabrics

 James and I took a look around the MOMA gallery in Mach the other day... 
It's such a great space!

 It was nice to get to know our new town a bit better.

Back at the cottage I've been making some cocoons!

 Making a frame out of willow,
on one prototype I've begun weaving sheep wool which I've gathered to make the walls of the chrysalis. 

 On another I'm trying out sewing beech leaves together making them as the outside.

..all trial and error, time consuming, but still rather fun! 

I've still many more to sew together...
and still some end to sew into a nearly finished blanket for a friend...nearly a tah-dah post!


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