Looking for Lakes

We have been without a car for a few weeks and walking into town and back was starting to be less fun, amazingly James' mum's friend came to our rescue!
She has begun car sharing, leaving her's vacant and she suggested that we have it...
so we are now back on the road! 

We can now get some compost and things to build a polytunnel and really get the garden going.
After seedy sunday we are consumed with ideas as to what to build and where to put things, though this spring we will concentrate mostly on the front patch, building beds and getting some veg in. 

I have got some cheeky charity shop bargains recently one of which was a really lovely atlas book which is so so sweet, and as we don't yet have an OS map of the area it was nice to see where else we might explore. 

There has been some really lovely weather recently, and with the car we decided to go and find some lakes which we noticed were not far from us, and are also near old tin mines and a castle! 

We took the car down some pretty rural tracks! But (as you can see) it was so so worth it!

It was so nice to be out exploring! and also we have some guests coming to stay in the coming months, so we're trying to scope out some magical places to go with them!

Places like this really do make me feel so glad to be here. When things get a bit too much, you can always go and put yourself somewhere in the landscape, breath and gain a bit of perspective, you know? I feel incredibly lucky to have places like this nearby.

We haven't yet found the tin mine or the castle, which leaves us a great excuse to go back for more adventures, not that we really need a reason!

Happy lovely full moon times to you. xxx

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