There once was a house by the sea...

and it was lovely
and sunny
and full of friends, laughter and joy!
A few weeks ago now, we made a trip down to Pembrokeshire, to St Davids to meet some friends who had driven up from Devon (7 hours!) for lovely Neils birthday.
I was so so nice to see everyones pretty faces in the flesh,
 it was almost as though we were back in Devon somewhere, sharing stories, plans, gossip.
We went for a really stunning stunning walk along the beach, which involved some paddling or scaling rocks in order to beat the tide which was coming in quickly!

Due to the recent full moon, the tide was very low, which meant that we could see just a beautiful lone standing piece of an old paddlesteamer from years ago.
We felt really so lucky to see what lies beneith.

We walked a few miles along to some standing stones and ancient settlements
(but my phone died so no photos! bummer)
and then back to the house for delicious gumbo and blackberry mead.
On the last day of our visit, we went to St Nons Chapel, which stands right on the cliff near the birthplace of St. David himself
It was such a great weekend, I think being with old friends in a way made me feel a bit more solid here, reminded me of what I'd done here so far and excited me about the future. I do wish I could see them more, but I suppose that meetings like this one might be less of an occasion...



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