Thank goodness there was some daylight today!

We did a bit more sawing today, but we still have all this to turn into logs, and its getting chillier...
I'm almost feeling let down by the lack of snow!
I shouldn't wish for snow really... 

 More man-points have been earned today! 
The mister chopped a HUGE log up that I was convinced it needed a chainsaw, but no no no!

What I really love about going outside and chopping the wood is flexing my guns wearing Jamz' boots.
This is mostly because I can wear my slippers and some legwarmers inside... 
and also cause of the happy face in the tongue.
Can you see him?

I'm wearing lots of seasonal red this month. 
Today I cracked out the mohair badboy. 

I also made a paper garland for the kitchen. Just by sticking circles of vintage wallpaper together.
I must say, it looks lovely.
I made a few extra for the tree as well.

Now for some well deserved glasses of mulled wine.

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