christmas is coming...

Have been super busy the last week or so, being stressed, poor, etc etc. 
I have been really focusing on Christmas as a positive thing which I can do. 
Stops me feeling so pointless when things slow right down like they have.

I thought I'd share a journey with you.
Not a big one, but a necessary journey.
Especially at a time when there is untold joy at the end of it.
Today we'll take a trip to the post box.
Lets go check the post.

First we must go down the hill, past the spring which bursts out at the side of the track and trickles down hill pretty much all the time...(not particularly helpful when icy!)

At the bottom we must go over the oak covered stream. 

You can see only a little snow. I'd have expected a little more as we're not far from the North of Wales where they've had quite a lot. This might have something to do with the peat in the hill...maybe it exudes a different temperature? 

Looks lovely though doesn't it?

 We then go past the neighbors! 
And up the hill, past the oak on the hillside...

This is where the farmer parks his tractor. 
He has really old lovely farm machinery, its amazing they all still work!

Finally, we are at the post box!!
We've a little box on the fence, big enough for letters but not big enough for parcels...
So the lovely postman bags the bigger stuff and ties it to the fence! 

Truly a magical sack of joy!
And its not very often one gets to say that!

And back down the track with an arm full of treasure!

This is the hill behind our house, it looks so pretty with a little bit of the special stuff on top.
I think this one might be a bit steep for when we bring the sledges out though!!

 Back up the track on the other side...

 ...to the cottage <3 
Despite having a little wreath, I haven't got around to doing it up, I'm not sure that foliage will work on it, so I will put it in the box for next year...

Inside, I've been really busy making things, writing out cards and trying not to forget people.
Our family is unlucky in the sense that we have a few birthdays around Christmas time...so have been making little treats for those too...

Nadolig Llawen!
(That means Merry Christmas in Welsh)

Here are my handmade parcels of joy, which I got to the the post office today! 
What a last-minute-larry!
Still, there we are...some done and in the post.

Now just the boys family to make for. Phew!

I am a little fussy about how the christmas tree should look, I always did the decorations when I lived at home, so I sort of did most of the tree. 
But we have been hugely lacking in anything to top the tree.
So as not to leave him out! I set Jamz to making something...
Isn't this little guy amazing!

Well...I don't know about you, but all that's tired me out!
Time to have a little sit down, enjoy the tree and keep knitting.
Nadolig Llawen


  1. What a sweet little journey to your post box! I descend from Welsh ancestry... (and many more countries) but I have some family there still I believe!
    Thank you for sharing your new Christmas tradition on the tree! Your cottage seems perfect... Like something out of a book! :)

    Nadolig Llawen!


  2. Wow! That is a walk and a half to get to the post box isn't it! It must be a lovely surprise when you have a parcel hanging on the fence. :-) I hope you like your little presents from me.
    Your tree is looking lovely, we've got a fake one to minimise the mess with Rose but I do love the look of a real tree... One day maybe!
    Thank you for our Christmas card, I was wondering what that bit of welsh meant..!

    Love Ash xxx