Homage to Hardy (amongst other things)

So I've been terrible at all this blogging, I find it difficult to decide what is worth externalising for viewing. There's a weird sense of a 3rd person thing, whereby I am hugely aware of this sort of construction of self... I can imagine that some of the blogs I stumble upon are a false construction of self for the purposes of others. I seem to get so caught up in this I find it hard to even post about myself, as I don't want to be false in anyway.
Anyhow, my headspace has been minimal of late, so I'm taking the time now to make a few posts to catch up with what I've been up to.

A few weeks ago now, (gosh, I can't believe its been so long!) my mum came up to stay from Dorset for a couple of nights before taking me back to visit friends and have a bit of a chill out.
Whilst she was up, we went for a little mooch around the charity shops in Tywyn and on the way back came through a beautiful place called Happy Valley.
It was really lovely to be able to spend some time together and explore my new surroundings.
On the way through the valley we stopped at a car park and went to find the Bearded Lake...
We had no idea how far we'd have to walk, but I didn't mind as it was stunning.

Here are a couple of photos of the lake which was so so peaceful.

After a short stay here in Wales, we drove back to Dorset, with a brief stop in Abergavenny for a look around the farmers market and to get a little lunch. 

Back in the shire I caught up with some friends and their babans (which I shall share in another post) and got to spend some quality time with my mum, this involved going to some galleries, drinking coffee and also going somewhere I've not been since I was tiny...

Up the road to Hardy's Monument.
I have vague recollections of this place from when I was younger, perhaps 7 or 8, and have since read many of his books. The thing I really love about his novels is the importance of place and the landscape, the images he creates and the attachment the characters have to the space in which they reside. I find with Hardy, I can really identify with the places he describes, mostly due to the fact that I grew up in the same area as he wrote about.

It was just as magical as I had remembered...

(mum looks so little aside this amazing structure!)

This monument can be seen from the A35 between Dorchester and Bridport and looks out to the coast as well as inland to the moor-like areas, woodland and farmland. 

 There are aspects of this place which seem to be a part of me and are so eloquently described by Hardy, I will end this post with a quote from one of my favourite books of his...

"The rambler who, for old association or other reasons, should trace the forsaken coach-road running almost in a meridional line from Bristol to the south shore of England, would find himself during the latter half of his journey in the vicinity of some extensive woodlands, interspersed with apple-orchards.  
Here the trees, timber or fruit-bearing, as the case may be, make the way-side hedges ragged by their drip and shade, stretching over the road with easeful horizontality, as if they found the unsubstantial air an adequate support for their limbs.  
At one place, where a hill is crossed, the largest of the woods shows itself bisected by the high-way, as the head of thick hair is bisected by the white line of its parting.  The spot is lonely." 
The Woodlanders Thomas Hardy


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  1. Lovely pics, I'm so glad you had the chance to spend some good quality time with your mum. I'm sure Wendy must miss you loads now that your living in Wales permanently..
    I was so so grateful for your visit back to Dorset. It was really nice to just spend some time with you and just get back to normal! :-)

    Love Ash xxx